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Underneath the Spoiler Banner is the full list of chapters in the original play orderthe remixed play order PS4 and PC only and the chronological order.

A picture of the timeline in its entirety can be found at the bottom of this article. The original play order presents the game's chapters in a non-linear narrative, representing Jodie's attempt to recall her memories during the frame story of the Prologue and Epilogue. In the PS4 and PC ports, players have the option to play the chapters in a remix order. This presents the events of Jodie's life in a mostly-linear fashion. It leaves Broken and The Experiment at the beginning, which introduce the character of Jodie and her powers, moves Night Session to just before the end-game events in order to establish Nathan Dawkins ' motivations, and leaves Hauntings as the penultimate chapter to present the threat of the entities.

This is a picture of the full timeline excluding "Epilogue", which would appear after "Prologue" on the timeline :. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.Chapter 2, the first playable chapter in the game, The Experiment has you controlling a young Jodie. You will be asked to leave your room to meet Dr. There are a few things to interact with in your room, but nothing of importance.

Exit the room and go across the hall, then follow the assistant. Once you reach the room, you will sit down and be hooked up to a brain monitor. You will be asked a few questions, then some tests begin. First, you need to read the cards. Switch to Aiden using Triangle, then float to the other room and read the card. Hit Triangle to switch back to Jodie and select the card. Repeat this process until you move on to the next tests. The second test will teach you how to interact with objects while playing as Aiden.

Keep throwing stuff around the room, until you hear them call out, demanding you stop.

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Do so, as this will unlock the Obedience Trophy. During the sequence where you play as Aiden it is possible to find the first Collectible in the game.

Design Pack 1 can be found in the control room, under a desk. Beyond Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 19 Oct am. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: A sophisticated and technologically advanced gaming experience by Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls follows a young woman who has a connection to the world beyond death.

Genres: Adventure.

beyond two souls walkthrough the mission

Developers: Quantic Dream. Features: Number Of Players. Release Date: October 8, Table of Contents.You should brush up on your combat if you're uncomfortable with it, but by now you should deal relatively well with the various mechanics. After a few scenes, you'll be dropped off by a helicopter and begin. Move behind the concrete blocks, and wait until the nearby security guard is walking away from you before moving.

From your position, taking him out with a stealth knock out is your best approach. Move closer to the stairs, and then switch to Aiden to strangle the guard upstairs. Move through the building and to the square, and move Aiden close to the hotel so that he will spot it for Jodie. Move right and make your way through the street, moving from wall to wall. Don't worry about the soldiers at the end, because Jodie will automatically lie down as she approaches them.

Hide behind the concrete roadblocks, and when the soldier comes closer, use a stealth knock out. Keep to the right and hide behind the roadblocks at the corner, and switch to Aiden to take control of one of the guards up ahead. This will allow you to kill the rest of the guards and the possessed guard in one shot. Go right around the corner, keeping to the roadblocks as you move, and approach the hotel. Go inside, and switch to Aiden to take out the last guard. Head upstairs and use Aiden to spot the channeling objects.

Channel them to get your next objective, then either go down the stairs or jump the railing to proceed. At the corner on the right side of the street, take out the guard and again stick to the roadblocks to reach the ladder up ahead. As you finish climbing the second ladder, move quickly to the guard and take him out. Run across the planks on the roof until you reach the destroyed part of the building; use the square button to drop down in a stealth kill on the guard below.

Move towards the destroyed building, and switch to Aiden to take out the remaining guard.

Beyond Two Souls: How to Complete The Mission

Move to the left and keep moving from cover to cover. The guard at the intersection will hear something, so switch to Aiden and hit the nearby barrels to distract him, allowing you to take out the guard in a stealth kill as Jodie. The left street takes you back to the group of soldiers at the jeep, so head down the other side and use Aiden to kill one of the guards.Just as in Heavy Rain, an "ending" as defined by this trophy is actually just a part of the sequence of scenes you see after you chose either life or the infraworld at the end of The Black Sun.

There are 11 endings for Beyond: Two Souls. Although the game is full of choices, the ones that truly matter are tied to the life and death of the people you have met along the way.

Below we have a list of all However some people have been able to get the trophy to unlock with fewer endings. It is not known yet if this is due to a error or not. Although it may seem like you have to replay the game 11 times, this is not actually true. Play the game once, and save everyone, and choose Beyond to get the 1st ending. Now reload the game at The Black Sun chapter, and just replay it to get endings 2,4,5 and 6.

beyond two souls walkthrough the mission

To get ending 3, reload the mission Dragons Hideout. Have Ryan lose his eye, and continue playing from there. This should only take hours to get this ending. Now you will have all 6 endings where you needed everyone alive. To get ending 7, jump back about halfway through the game and reload the Homeless chapter.

Play through the game again from here, letting everyone die. Choose Beyond at the end, and you will get ending six. Now reload The Black Sun a few times to get endings 8,9 and Now you will have all the endings with everyone dead.

The final ending you can get at any time, since it doesn't matter who is alive or dead as Jodie is the one who dies. Everyone Lives - To get this, every important character must live through the entire game. At the end, choose to go to the Infraworld to see the ending. You will also get the Saved All trophy for this. Save everyone, and choose life at the end. During the Epiloguepick Ryan Clayton to spend your life with. During the Epiloguepick Ryan Claytonhowever this time he must only have one eye.

In order for this to happen, reload your game and begin playing from Dragons Hideout. During the interrogation, do not speak and eventually your captors will cut Ryan in the eye. Continue playing the last few missions, and as mentioned above, pick life then select to live with Ryan during the Epilogue. During the Epiloguepick Jay to spend your life with. During the Epiloguepick Zoey to spend your life with. During the Epiloguepick to be alone. To get this one, everyone must die. To have them all die, do the exact opposite of Ending 1.

Let Walter and Jimmy die in the fire, do not heal Paul after the attack, kill your mother by stopping her heart, let Cole die by running away from him and get Ryan killed by using the Blame option when talking to Dawkins at the end. When given the decision between Life or Beyond, choose Beyond.

This will also get you the A Better World trophy. Have everyone die, pick life at the end and during the Epiloguechoose to be with Jay. Have everyone die, pick life at the end and during the Epiloguechoose to be with Zoey.Born with a connection to a mysterious entity with incredible powers, Jodie was different. In an adventure spanning 15 years of her life, your actions will determine Jodie's fate as she faces extraordinary challenges, danger, and heartwrenching loss on a journey to discover the truth of who she is.

Beyond promises an emotionally-charged journey unlike any video game before. Academy Award nominated actress Ellen Page will play the main character, Jodie Holmeswith the game covering 15 years of Jodie's life - from childhood into her 20s.

Beyond Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 10 Oct am.

beyond two souls walkthrough the mission

Dive into a gripping and unpredictable psychological action thriller starring Academy Award-nominees Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Explore stunning and varied settings across the world in an epic journey through 15 years of a character's life. Control Jodie and an invisible entity through spectacular action sequences and puzzles with unique controls.

E3 Trailers Loading. More Wiki Sections. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: A sophisticated and technologically advanced gaming experience by Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls follows a young woman who has a connection to the world beyond death. Genres: Adventure. Developers: Quantic Dream. Features: Number Of Players. Release Date: October 8, Table of Contents.With a variety of scenarios and outcomes, Beyond: Two Souls provides a gripping and intense experience for PS3 owners.

With this in mind, here's the best way to tackle Chapter 9: The Condenser. Paranormal activity plagues a laboratory, thanks to a rift being opened.

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Jodie is sent in by Nathan or the CIA, rather to fix the situation. She's the only one who knows what lies beyond the rift.

As Nathan and Jodie pull up, exit the car and head for the laboratory's entrance; there's one heck of a gruesome sight.

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Meet up with Nathan at the entrance and watch a cut scene, then head inside the building. Make your way down the dark corridor. Follow the blood trail leading to an accessible elevator. Examine the panel and press the switch; the elevator is stuck and won't move. Switch to Aiden and go inside the elevator, then descend down inside of it.

A crate prevents the elevator from closing. Shove it out of the way to get the elevator moving again. When the elevator arrives, grasp its door handle and push it open by tapping X. With the elevator open, hop inside it. A scientist's corpse will freak Jodie out. Get up when she loses her balance. Afterwards, examine the body and trigger a flashback using Aiden. Direct the beam towards Jodie's head while maneuvering both orbs. At the flashback's conclusion, access the elevator's floor panel and hit the switch.

You'll ride down to floor "-4," the laboratories. On Floor -4, approach the soldier's body to trigger a cut scene — the man gives you a forewarning in the room ahead.

The Mission

Get back on your feet after Jodie has another frightening fall, then move the soldier's corpse that blocks the room ahead. With the corpse out of the way, open the door and head inside a narrow hall. Walk past the scientist's corpse you'll witness a creepy moment here and approach the door at the other end. Look through the door's window, then try to open it for yet another disturbing scene.

Jodie isn't capable of opening the door alone, so switch to Aiden and head inside the room on the other side. In the other room, you'll find a switch on the entry desk it's next to the corpse. Press it as Aiden to open the door.

Beyond Two Souls: How to Complete The Condenser

Jodie can now enter this area. As you enter the room as Jodie, examine the body on the desk and trigger another flashback. This will give you more info on what happened in this laboratory. When you're finished, take your first right and head through the broken-glass doors the path straight ahead is blocked by fire.The Mission chapter is more action-packed than any other scenario in Beyond: Two Souls.

beyond two souls walkthrough the mission

We hope you're a Metal Gear Solid fan, because Jodie goes on a stealth mission and takes down some baddies — Solid-Snake style. The mission begins with Jodie chatting with Ryan about the assignment at the military base. Her duty is to locate a warlord known as Gemaal Sheik Charrief, and eliminate him. Here, you can glance at the photo of Gemaal and the Intel of his last location. Sounds simple enough. After you've looked at the photos and taken a sip of coffee, get up from the table.

At this point, you're faced with a decision: Kiss Ryan or move away. The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, the game presents the same cinema. The cinema cuts to Jodie and Ryan positioned in a helicopter above the ocean.

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Wait for the button cue, and when you're ready, hop off the chopper. Jodie will drop into the ocean and swim to the base's shoreline from here. When Jodie reaches the shore, she'll request Aiden to snoop around. Check her surroundings as Aiden and find two guards patrolling the upper-left part of the shore in front of the building.

One of the guards will leave the area, while the other keeps his post. Hold X and move closer; just be sure to use the hedges for cover. The idea here is to distract the soldier as Aiden, and then assassinate him quietly as Jodie. Many objects can be interacted with in the environment, but the radio is your best bet. If you're captured by the militants this can happen if you don't get past a group of soldiersdon't worry — there's a way out.

Jodie finds herself locked inside a building with her hands bound together. A guard accompanies her in a chair. Switch to Aiden and break the wine bottle behind Jodie; this gives her an opportunity to cut the rope tied to her hands. Follow the button cues to set her free. Now concentrate on eliminating the guard. Hold Square for an easy takedown. The other guard will come in, so dismiss him as well.

The building in which you were brought to is right near the cathedral, so refer to the "More Clues" section of this guide from this point.

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Once the guard has been dealt with, enter the building through its open passage in the upper-left corner. You will find a staircase here — ascend it. Another guard patrols the second floor of this building. Hug behind the hedge and dismiss him easily using Aiden. When clear, move into the next room and attempt to cross the board.

The board will break; you can either tap Triangle to grab the ledge, or crash down to the room below. If you climb, simply jump off the ledge from the second floor.