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This post may contain affiliate links from which I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Pampas grass decor is really popular right now and when I came across a photo on Instagram of a large pampas grass Christmas tree, I knew that I wanted to try to make my own. Why was it so cheap? Well I had most of the supplies and only needed to buy the styrofoam cone which I was able to get for cheap with a coupon.

I am lucky enough to have plenty of it growing where we live and I could make a giant tree one day. Hey maybe next year, right? Now that I know that the cats leave it alone. The grass that I used is called common reed Phragmites australis and depending on the lighting can look rather brown because of the seeds but with added fairy lights looks light tan.

Some pampas grasses are long and pointy and I wanted to make sure that I had a fluffy variety. I actually made a video so you could see exactly what steps I took to make this Christmas tree.

Click the triangle on the image to view the video and hold it sideways if you are on a tablet or phone. I mentioned my cat enclosure in the video tutorial which you can see HERE. One of the most important things is that you cut the stems on a pointy angle before inserting them into the styrofoam cone. It really helps! I added my favorite fairy lights to the tree. Make sure to check out my blog post about decorating with fairy lights for Christmas.

You can also check out my lunch bag snowflake tutorial. They look great with the tree.

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Here is another little decor idea for the pampas Christmas tree. I added some feathers to the tips and love how they look. All the other photos of it in the living room are without the feathers though. And when Christmas is over, I will finally share the updates I have given our bedroom.

Thanks so much Doreen. Home My Blog. Reactivate it to view this content. For the top of the tree I tied a bunch of grasses around the tip of the cone with the floral wire. Then I stuck the longer branches on to the bottom and propped everything onto a planter. After that I filled everything in with more stems. Here is a better view of the situation. You can see how it gets filled in.

At the end, I sprayed everything with hair spray as shown in the video tutorial. Also pictured on the other tree: DIY macrame ornaments paper fans faux terracotta painted Christmas ball ornaments icicles.

A Year of Loving Myself + How I Got a Pampas Grass Christmas Tree!

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. How to make 3D paper snowflakes using lunch bags. German Influenced Christmas Home Tour.Today, as we move towards a new year, I am a changed person… and I bet you are too. My personal backdrop included the loss of my beloved Aunt Furaha, tearing my lateral meniscus and going into an emergency knee surgery and theCURVYcon going on hiatus due to the global pandemic.

I learn from listening to the people around me. My intention for my first solo Christmas is to celebrate the love that I have in my life right now. I felt like it was my fault that I was single. I thought that if I had been better, sweeter, nicer, prettier, skinner he would have loved me enough not to let me go.

I was so hard on myself. Each time I had to tell a friend that I no longer had a boyfriend, it felt like announcing that I had failed at something. Her perspective was like a breath of fresh air! The idea of celebrating a breakup was brand new and I liked it. Sometimes my break up celebration is as simple as creating a flower arrangement for myself. I could create a solo Christmas celebration, because I find ways to celebrate all areas of my life. First, I found an antique black nativity set.

I remember being a little girl shopping with my Mother when she came across a black nativity set. She was so happy and that made me feel happy. In the past, I may have waited to inherit her exact set for sentimental reasons. But finding a set of my own is way more fun.

I like that balance. This year I finally figured out the small batch recipe that tastes the same. Keep reading! I mentioned to my friend Jim that I was having a hard time finding a NYC floral designer who would help me. He reached out to his team at flowersthey liked my floral Christmas tree idea and before I new it, the flowers design team was in my apartment executing my vision for a pampas grass Christmas tree with dried flowers.

As I continue to create the life that I want, I am learning that the biggest luxury ever… is time. When I was a barista and struggling actress, I was constantly running after myself while trying to follow my dreams and pay my rent here in New York. I wake up around 5am each morning to write in my journal. I am certain that my life is a reflection of all of the early morning hours that I spend with God, my journal and a cup of coffee.

I journal for confidence, wellness and love. Starting in March, I will be teaching my personal style of journaling to a select group of women inside The Curvy Girls Guide. Our focus for will be dating.

I might get married, I might not. My Father proposed to my Mother and she was married by My Mother had three kids by 41, a doctoral degree by 50 and is about to retire into the consulting life of her dreams at the end of the My North Star guides me and helps me make decisions for myself.

You may feel that you want to try to be a little more focused on yourself.


I know how you feel.It came about one day in early December when I was scrolling through IG. That is when I saw a life size Christmas tree made completely out of pampas grass.

I had major pampas Add to Chrome. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App. Read Full Story. There isn't a better way to get into the holiday spirit but with a tree. Not only are trees important for Christmas, but they're popular centerpieces for Halloween and now Easter. You might not be in the Easter spirit due to the pandemic, but these stunning Easter trees and Easter tree ornaments will brighten your mood throughout March and April. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources is using discarded Christmas tree to create habitats for fish inside of a lake in the north western part of Virginia.

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Do you have an area of your yard that gets a lot of sun, has poor soil quality, and not much water?That is when I saw a life size Christmas tree made completely out of pampas grass. In fact, I ended up wandering around out in my yard at 5 am in 27 degree weather searching for the few stems I had left so that I could fill in the gaps. I can not wait for my pampas grass to bloom again.

With those windows and stone wall and arches you need drama. And this tree brings it. This is beautiful. What a great idea messy but great. In my neck of the woods New Zealand we call those toi toi pronounced toy toy.

They mostly grow at the beach. Thanks so much for sharing this. It came about one day in early December when I was scrolling through IG. I had major pampas grass envy.

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I immediately went to Pinterest. I could not stop thinking about that tree. So, at 3 am one December morning, I got out of bed and decided to give it a go. Here is some of the pampas grass I cut this past summer. Pin For Later! The cone I chose. Glue the pampas grass feathers to the top. Cut the stems diagonally so you will have a sharp edge to pierce cone. Place bottom stems in horizontally. Place top stems at a diagonal.

Hold the cone while you pierce the stem with the opposite hand. Fill in randomly with short and long stems. The pampas grass will start to resemble a Christmas tree shape. Some of the mess I made. Jennifer Williams. Tillandsia, better known as the air plant, is a fabulous way to spruce up your home.

DIY Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

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pampas christmas tree diy

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pampas christmas tree diy

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pampas christmas tree diy

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pampas christmas tree diy

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