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Xu said he had to go into hiding for several months in after claiming he was assaulted by two strangers who represented traditional martial arts. The year-old returned to the public spotlight though by beating wing chun master Ding Hao in under two minutes in April.

But Shi said kung fu cannot be compared to MMA because its true essence is spiritual rather than simply physical. Practitioners of kung fu in its original uncorrupted form try to achieve inner peace rather than any kind of supposed supernatural powers, according to Shi.

xu xiaodong vs shaolin

Anderson said when he moved to Beijing in there were five MMA shows a year, while today there might be 10 in a single weekend. Mixed martial arts vs tai chi group brawl stopped by police in Shanghai but battle rages on online. In Junepolice shut down a contest arranged by Xu in Shanghai where he and a team of MMA fighters were set to battle a team of tai chi fighters. The Shaolin Temple controversially flew the Chinese national flag in August for the first time in its 1,year history, following a joint proposal to raise national flags at all religious venues by state-sanctioned religious organisations.

The high-profile ceremony was criticised for mixing religion with politics — the first time a well-known Buddhist organisation has been involved in such a display of patriotism. For the latest news from the South China Morning Post download our mobile app. Copyright Frank Lampard expressed his disappointment at not being given time to succeed after being sacked by Chelsea on Monday, with former Paris Saint-Germain boss Thomas Tuchel set to take over at Stamford Bridge.

K-Pop fans have struck again. From photos to GIFs to videos, all means were used to drown out the anti-Biden revolt Taiwan expelled nearly 4, Chinese vessels illegally dredging sand from its waters inauthorities said Monday, a more than six-fold increase on the year before as Beijing seeks to heap pressure on the democratic island. Indian and Chinese troops fought a new brawl on their contested Himalayan border that left injuries on both sides, officials said Monday, highlighting the fraught state of relations between the giant neighbours.

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In Gordon Moore, who would later co-found US chip maker Intel, predicted the number of transistors on an IC would double roughly every two years. Smaller nanometre process nodes are important, especially for consumer electronics products such as smartphones, because they boost circuit performance and reduce power consumption. Chiang told the industry delegates at the IC conference that the global semiconductor industry was facing bottlenecks in continuing to push ahead with advanced nanometre nodes given the huge investments required, coupled with the reduction in number of clients that require the most advanced chips.

Only a handful of high-volume IC products would need to be made using advanced nodes, he said.In a video that spread like wildfire, Xu is seen relentlessly attacking Wei with punching combinations. And then following him to the mat for some ground-and-pound when Lei crumpled from a right hand. However, one incentive could really push things over the edge.

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Chinese multi-millionaire Mr. Up until a certain point, traditional martial arts such as Kung Fu or Karate, or even Tai Chi, have been thought of to be lethal forms of fighting. However, MMA in the modern day, popularized by Bruce Lee, incorporated the best aspects of each style into one. Nowadays, MMA is seen as the ultimate and purest form of combat. This apparently did not sit well with the traditional Chinese martial arts community.

Taichi master's KO defeat to MMA fighter stirs up Chinese martial arts debate

Guangzhou native and Chinese boxing specialist Shangxian who practices Shaolin Meihua Zhuang also expressed interest. Yi Long, a Chinese monk known for his martial arts skill has also made his intentions known and seems to be the first in line to challenge Xu.

xu xiaodong vs shaolin

Chen explains that the prize pool will be split up over five matches. However Chen remained adamant that he wanted Xu to learn some sort of lesson.The brawl sparked a debate in China about the virtues of Chinese martial arts versus modern sport combat. Some criticized Xu for embarrassing Chinese culture, while others lauded him for his practical approach. Putting himself in the spotlight, Xu navigated social and legal punishment, from death threats to fines, to a shrinking social credit score which stopped him from renting property or riding on high-speed trains.

Nonetheless, he kept on going. Wu Bin, former deputy president of the Chinese Wushu Association, had already denounced Ma as knowing nothing about wushu, and not being able to represent Chinese martial arts.

xu xiaodong vs shaolin

But the new statement aims to reach wider, stopping fraudulent and ego-born martial arts at the root. We highlight our top stories each week in an email newsletter that goes out every Monday - hot, fresh, and straight to your inbox. Suddenly, China's biggest martial arts organization has joined the fight against kung fu "frauds". You may also like. Adan Kohnhorst. He learned Mandarin in high school so he could train at the Shaolin Temple, but now just uses it to interview rappers.

He blogs about China and Asia on Instagram: this. Listeners of the World, Unite! November 26, November 6, May 11, Join our newsletter We highlight our top stories each week in an email newsletter that goes out every Monday - hot, fresh, and straight to your inbox. Don't worry, we don't spam.Harold Howard vs. Royce Gracie UFC 3. Harold Howard was a walking police sketch. He was a crazy-eyed hillbilly with a mullet and his idea of fitness seemed to be.

Redfear emner - svar 0 i dag - registrerede brugere. Copyright by MartialArts. Karl James K. Noons born December 7, is an American professional mixed martial artist, as well as a former professional boxer and kickboxer, currently a. No, that's not my new rap name. The doc. Sharing a little jiu-jitsu knowledge and some techniques with my kids. Precisa ser wikificada. In this series of MMA videos, top fighters from the fight world.

It's very effective, providing you adapt it to the street. I usually don't bother with these sorts of questions. However, since you said vintage Shaolin Monks, then I felt it necessary to point out they were.

So in order to make sure that you aren't taken down by a single groin shot in a fight, you take thousands of kicks to the nuts over a period of years to build up a. View complete Tapology profile, bio, rankings, photos, news and record I'm wondering who would win. When I mention shaolin monk, I mean a real fighting monk not an acrobatic gymnast monk that's sparred, mastered iron. These are the three areas I thought might have the most bad ass fighters on the planet.

Chinese Martial Artists Must Stop Calling Themselves “Masters”, According to Official Decree

Robber stabbed a saleswoman six times, but she fought back and survive Medium Weight Pro Clash - MMA fighter making his Pro debut after a succesful Semi pro career, he is from a strong Kickboxing background looking to implement.

Shaolin Shaolin is a Champions Night fighter from. Let's say instead of leaving the. My friends and I have been arguing this for awhile and I can't seem to convince them. This is Emanuel Silva next fight and Shaolin Shaolin next fight.

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Martial Arts Masters. In my humble opinion I believe that should a true and traditional Shaolin Monk be attcked by one of these men the Monk would be victorious. MMA fighters. Shaolin Vs. Wudang - Many people in the United States ask me the difference between Wudang style and Shaolin style.

Both Shaolin and Wudang are.Whether it's gliding gracefully across the sky, walking casually on the water, or fracturing all your bones with a single hit, traditional Chinese martial arts masters have long thrived in Kungfu movies and Wuxia fiction for generations.

Off the movie sets and out of the books, thousands upon thousands of Chinese and foreigners around the world practice traditional martial arts, or Wushu, while many believe that masters possess miraculous abilities. This belief, however, was dealt a severe blow recently as a former mixed martial arts fighter easily floored a self-proclaimed Taichi master, both of whom were previously little-known outside of their respective circles.

After a weeklong, heated debate, many were left to ponder the future of the centuries-old art of Wushu, one of China's national treasures.

A video of a rare match between the Taichi master and a modern combat fighter has gone viral on the internet in China since the end of last month.

Xu won the bout in just over 20 seconds.

xu xiaodong vs shaolin

Some suspected it was just a plot between the two, as Wei showed little skills as a fighter, although he was reported to have trained as a kickboxer when he was younger. But most of the reactions were of disbelief and disappointment.

The match marked an escalation from a war of words on China's Twitter-like Weibo platform, where Xu labeled Taichi masters as "liars" and Wei decided to guard their reputation. My ultimate goal is to expose cheaters in Wushu. A number of internet users backed Xu and called Wei a "fraud," while mutual acquaintance told people not to take this duel too seriously.

Still, the event drew heated debate on the status quo of the traditional martial arts, especially Taichi, which has developed over the centuries and is practiced by millions all over the world but is sometimes questioned as to its authenticity and practicality. Experts explained that Wushu is not only for combat. In modern times, it has been more of a way to keep fit. Each division has its own value. Now take Taichi as an example, its routine will help people keep fit, while Tui Shou meaning push hands is a combative sport," said Zhang Qiangqiang, dean of martial arts school of the Beijing Sports University.

It sure helped Wushu pick up popularity but at the same time turned it into a mythology," he added. Originating from the Xia Dynasty about years ago, Chinese martial arts eventually forked out into several hundred fighting styles. After the founding the People's Republic of China, the government urged people to practice martial arts with the purpose of improving health and instilling willpower.

It also works as a way to promote Chinese culture for millions of fans all over the world. The year-old Canadian Ales Tierce is one of the foreigners who found inner peace by practicing Wushu. Tierce found a Shaolin Kungfu club close to his home when he was 20 and became a Kungfu protege at that age. When the quick defeat of Wei began to boil, it was seen as a terrible "loss of face" for Chinese martial arts practitioners, and a devastating blow to its future.

The huge attention is definitely not a bad thing," he added. The incident also prompted people to consider how the Chinese national treasure might develop in the future.

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It warns us that we must step up in developing it going forward," said Ma Wenguo, Wushu department head of Xi'an Sports College. As the most widely practiced Chinese martial art, Taichi reportedly is practiced in over countries and regions, popular for its unique health concepts and benefits. But in China, Taichi is viewed as a sport exclusively for the elderly, with most of the other routines attracting little attention from the public.

The artists need more creative space to engage more people. Like Taichi, it has both long, traditional routines and simplified postures, which are easier for young people to learn," said Wushu coach Liu Haike. DUEL A video of a rare match between the Taichi master and a modern combat fighter has gone viral on the internet in China since the end of last month. Xu responded and provoked Wei into a fight.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. After a break from these bizarre style vs. Footage of the fight was uploaded to Fight Commentary Breakdowns which features many Xu clips and other style vs. As you can see this was barely a contest. Within seconds of the fight, Xu threw a front kick at Chen, then a right leg kick, left jab combination.

Off the jab Chen reeled back to the fence like he was on a wire. He then waved his arms to signal he was finished. According to Jerry Liu of Fight Commentary Breakdowns Chen had called for this fight with Xu to be postponed twice, so he could get in extra training.

Maybe he was training how to get out of a fight without getting seriously hurt. This whole thing started in Xu also argued that so-called masters who claimed they could wield supernatural-like powers through qi channeling and pressure point manipulation were con-artists exaggerating their skills to sell school admissions and videos. This argument boiled over when Xu and tai chi practitioner Wei Lei agreed to fight behind closed doors at a gym in Chengdu.

The fight ended in 10 seconds, with Xu knocking Wei out cold. Footage of this fight went viral. And Xu soaked up all the attention. He issued an open challenge to any traditional martial artist and offered a cash prize to any who could beat him. A number of individuals responded to the callout and a local juice tycoon even offered to add to the bounty for anyone who could beat Xu.

All this attention ruffled the feathers of the powerful Chinese Wushu Association and the Chinese government. Over the past few years, while Xu has racked up a handful of viral KOs of tai chi and wing chun playershe has also faced pressure from the traditional martial arts community and the government. He was also sued for defamation by a tai chi master whose lawsuit was bankrolled by the Chinese Wushu Association.

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That lawsuit resulted in Xu having to apologize to the plaintiff for seven-straight days. Xu also had to pay a fine and have his social credit rating slashed. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Loading comments Share this story Twitter Facebook.He gained prominence online after he was filmed defeating self-proclaimed Tai chi master Wei Lei in Xu was born on 15 November in Beijing. He competed at least twice at the Beijing Sanshou Invitational Tournament, finishing as the champion and the first runner-up, respectively.

He became a sanshou coach at Shichahai School after graduation. During the fight, Xu broke Pi's forearm with a kick however Pi managed to eventually get Xu to the ground where he won via Armbar submission.

Xu was frustrated by what he saw as fraud and hypocrisy amongst martial arts practitioners, and wanted to demonstrate the superiority of modern fighting styles. After the fight went viral, there was significant blowback on social media where he was accused of disparaging Chinese culture and his family received death threats.

Beverage tycoon Chen Sheng offered over a million US dollars to any traditional tai chi fighter who could beat him. In Xu was injured fighting in a series of sparring matches with kickboxers at a Chinese MMA gym. He was left with a fractured skull and needing 26 stiches around his eyebrow following his fourth sparring partner. Additionally, his social credit rating was lowered to the point where he could not rent, own property, stay in certain hotels, travel on high speed rail or buy plane tickets.

In MayXu defeated another martial artist; but was only able to do so wearing clown makeup to hide his face and by fighting under a pseudonym. It took him 36 hours to reach the fight location due to his low social credit score, and Chinese search engines reportedly had stopped listing him.

In November an Iron Palm master threatened to break his arm in a fight, but apologized and backed down after Xu accepted and suggested puttingyuan on the outcome.

In July the Chinese Wushu Association decreed that practitioners are not allowed to call themselves "master". In JuneXu made a video on YouTube claiming that he wished to become an Australian citizen while commenting on Chinese actors who live abroad or have foreign passports, claiming that "all patriots are going abroad … long live China".

In AugustXu spoke out on TwitterSina Weiboand YouTube questioning the government's reporting of the Hong Kong protestsstating that the Chinese government was running a "smear campaign", and met with human rights lawyer Chen Qiushi who had shared similar views. He was subsequently visited by Chinese authorities and had his Sina Weibo account wiped for the eighth time.

After Chen Qiushi disappeared while reporting on the COVID outbreak in WuhanXu, a friend of Chen, gave updates on both his and Chen's YouTube channels reporting Chen was uncontactable by family and friends while police claimed Chen had merely been placed in isolation. Xu has also come to the defense of Fang Fanga Chinese author living in Wuhan who published the Wuhan Diary which related the experiences of people living under lock down in the city by the Chinese government.

Wei called for martial artists in Wuhan to assault Fang for her work while Xu defended the author who he claims was mild in criticism and was being truthful in her accounts.

He records the show in Beijing, and sends it to a friend in America to upload it. Most of his audience are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or are Chinese firewall jumpers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In this Chinese namethe family name is Xu. Chinese MMA fighter and Youtuber. BeijingChina. China Times in Chinese. Archived from the original on 8 December Retrieved 27 August Archived from the original on 12 October Retrieved 12 October Retrieved 20 January BBC News.